A few weeks ago, I went to Mississippi to visit my friend who recently started law school there. It was AWESOME to get to see Chelsea since she had been living in New York City for a year prior to the big move and I didn’t get to see her much.

DSC04560I especially enjoyed spending one-on-one time time with her. We’ve seen each other since she moved to New York, but it has always been at our friend’s weddings, which is not condusive to hanging out.

I got to meet and spend time with her new friends, which was odd. In some way, subconciously I guess, I assumed everything in her life would be like it was when we were in college. I don’t know why I thought that, because my life certaintly isn’t anything like it used to be anymore. Even though her life was tons different, and we’ve both changed a lot, it was still wonderful to spend time together and see where we were in our “new” lives. Friday I got to go to the law school with her; she had class and I sat in their atrium area. I got to see some of her professors and meet a lot of her classmates. Now though, I have a great insight into her life, and I feel like I can understand where she is better when I talk to her.

We also got to watch Ole Miss get whooped by ‘Bama, which, even though Ole Miss lost, was a great experience. While I’ve attended lots of college football games, but I’ve not done too much tailgating. Even so, I can say the tailgating at Ole Miss is OUT OF THIS WORLD. People camp out the night before the game, line up at 7 am, someone blows a whistle, and everyone runs out onto The Grove (a large, grassy circle in the middle of the campus) to claim their tailgating spots. Everyone has tents, and I saw lots of chandieliers hanging in the tents! The school also provides special air conditioned potties:


We sat in the student section (yay for using someone else’s ID), and the funniest drunk guys were sitting behind us. They made hysterical comments throughout the whole game, but as soon as they said anything, they would appologize to us for what they said. The whole thing was too funny.


I had a great time on my trip, especially once I got used to being on an airplane again. It has been soo long since I had flown, I was super nervous throughout the first flight!