October is a crazy month for Hubby and I. If I’m home, Hubby’s out of town; if Hubby’s home, I’m out of town. Since we’re both busy going out of town and with work, this month’s goals are going to be a little more simple and more about keeping our heads above water this month.

1. Manage to fit all my clothes for my trip to Mississippi into a carry-on bag!

2. Make and stick to a chore chart for the month.

3. Run in our neighborhood at least once.

4. Spend 10 minutes every day doing a general clean-up around the house.

5. Do at least one load of laundry a week.

6. Break out my fall clothes and put away the summer ones.

7. Read at least two non-library books from my “To Be Read” shelves.

8. Write Janeth another letter, send her coloring pages, and make sure I donate extra for her Christmas present!

9. Make Sugar-Cookie Coffee Brownie Bars and mail them to my brother for his birthday!

10. Finishe reading 1 Samuel.