This weekend Hubby and I traveled over to Virginia Tech to watch the Hokies dominate the Miami Hurricanes! Hubby got the tickets through work, and we went with another couple, their family friend, and another man Hubby works with to tailgate and to the game.

The Hokies might have dominated, but we did have hurricane-like weather! It rained from the moment we set foot on campus until long after the game was over. I wish I had taken pictures of all six of us in our long, orange ponchos — we looked ridiculous!

Miami Virginia Tech  FootballThis isn’t us, but it gives you a pretty good idea of what we looked like.

Thanks to our thick ponchos, I stayed pretty dry, and warm throughout the whole game. Now, I’m not a big Hokies fan, but I really did have a great time despite the rain. Our fabulous seats (35 yard line, row T) really helped; I could see the laces on the football, and the Hokies blocked a punt a ran for a touchdown RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. If you can’t get excited about that, then what can you get excited about?

What about you? Did you feel like a drowned rat this weekend, or have nice weather?