This is our main living room:


When we first painted and started decorating this room, I thought I wanted to add some simple, dark chocolate curtains. Now though, I’m not so sure. I’ve been looking online at different options, and I’m starting to think I might want to go with something with a pattern or more color, since everything else in the room is neutral. Since I have three windows to cover, I don’t want to break the bank with more expensive curtains, and I don’t want something that’s going to over power to become the focal point of the room.

FD024_1I love the color and pattern on these curtains from Ballard Designs, but they are a little pricey.

FD028_A_FD028CELThe Elise Panel, also from Ballard, could be just what I’m looking for, since they are a neutral linen with an accent color at the top. But, if I decided to change accent colors in the room, I’d have to change curtains too. And, at $60 per panel, they’re also a bit pricey.

DC158_1A basic panel like this was more what I had in mind, only in a darker chocolate color.

0083717_PE209978_S3I really, really like the subtle pattern in these IKEA curtains, but I don’t know if the gold and yellow will be too much of the same color in our living room.

96549115794GRAgain, this is more or less my orginial idea, but with the gromet hang, which I think is a little more casual, but also gives a slighly more industrial flair I’m not sure I’m sold on.

87200114645GZI like these two-toned drapes because it gives me the opportunity to bring in the accent green I want and still keep the brown I orginially liked, but then the bottom half of the curtain would be behind our sofa, so you wouldn’t see much of the brown.

46683108049GZThese tab curtains come in green and chocolate, but I don’t know if I’m sold on the solid color!