I love weekends where you feel like you got a lot accomplished, but still had time to just relax, and this weekend was a perfect balance of that for me.

* Friday after work and went shopping and had dinner with a girl from work. There are only two of us in the office who are under the age of 50, and we happen to both be 24 and have a lot in common. One thing I have really missed since graduating from college and getting married is having a lot of time to spend with girlfriends. I’ve done next to none of that since getting married, and its something I’ve really missed. After we spent two hours talking at Chick-fil-a, she and I decided we needed to get together (outside of work) at least once a month. I’m exciting about spending more time with her!

* I snagged some great clothes Friday night too! I’m armed for the fall and winter weather with two pairs of leggings, a new sweater, and two new long-sleeved t-shirts. I also picked up two new necklaces, one of which is the largest “statement” piece I’ve ever owned. My favorite purchase though was a knit black dress that’s perfect for work, church, and dates.

* Saturday we had our meal swap! Four other ladies came over to the house with meals to share with everyone. I made recipe booklets for everyone that included reheating directions for each meal and fixed a very tasty chicken spread with crackers. Thanks to our meal swap, I now have the following meals in our freezer: chicken alfredo casserole, lasagna, chicken enchiladas, stuffed meatloaf, turkey tetrazzini, breaded chicken and veggie casserole, and tortilla soup. I also have 8 burger patties and some sausage twirls I made for myself. I’m really looking forward to not having to cook much for the next month!

* Saturday evening I went over to my new boss’ house to help him and his wife move in. It was nice to get to know them a little better and help decorate some.

* Sunday, Hubby and I went to lunch with them, and had a really nice time. I think we all have a lot in common, and I think that not only will we work well together, but I can see us becoming good friends as well. We’re already talking about dinner and a game night!

* Hubby’s grandmother passed away sometime on Saturday. Its a strange situation, because Hubby’s dad has really had next to relationship with his mother, or anyone else in his family, since he was a teenager. This is hard for Hubby because he really didn’t know his grandmother, so how should he take the news? Its hard for me to understand, because if it were ANYONE in my family, I’d be heartbroken. His grandmother lived in Texas, so if Hubby does want to go to the funeral, its not an easy or inexpensive trip, which makes matters harder, I think. Anyway, thoughts and prayers and appriciated in this situation!