I hate vacuuming. I really don’t know why because, in theory, vacuming is not difficult, but it is my least favorite household chore. I’d rather scrub toilets. I’ve wanted a Roomba for a while, but they’re a little expensive for me. Enter the Dirt Dog Sweeper:


This is nota vacuum, but a sweeper that uses a brush to sweep dirt, hair, etc into a bin. Since we have hardwood floors throughout our house, with a few fringe-less rugs, I think this would work well for us. Being able to run the vacuum while I’m at work or doing something else, and doing this with ease, would be  a real plus and really help in our battle against dog hair.

My parents are considering getting this for me as my only Christmas present, but they want to make sure I will be completely happy with it. The pressure! Do you have a Roomba or other cleaning Robot? Are you happy with it? Would you recommend it — why or why not?