So long weekends throw me out of wack. I love the extra relaxation, but I have a hard time getting back in the swing of things afterwards. Hence, the super-late update on what we did with the holiday weekend.

Friday night, we babysat for some friends of ours with an 11 month-old. They had only been out once since they had Baby, so we offered to babysit so they could spend some time together. Alone. With quiet. It was fun having a baby in the house, but we are so not baby-proof! We did have some fun toys; Baby especially enjoyed playing with our magazines, dog and stairs. Hubby did stair duty:

DSC04503I did diaper changes, feeding, and everything else. For only being away from the parents once before, Baby did surprisingly well. He didn’t cry when they left, but after about 2 1/2 hours, Baby had enough and had a small meltdown. But we lived, and our friends had a great night out!

Sunday I did yard work and managed to afflict myself with poison ivy again. Hopefully I caught it early enough that I won’t have to suffer with it for over a month like last time.

On Labor Day, we drove two hours south to ride on the Virginia Creeper Trail. We took a shuttle to the top of the mountain, and road the 17 miles down.

DSC04506What? You didn’t really think I would ride that far UPHILL, did you?

DSC04514Hubby was surprised at how fast I rode, because despite going downhill, I decided I needed to peddle most of the way.

DSC04509Thanks to my bullet-like speed, we made it down in just over 2 hours. I’ve only ever ridden on paved roads, and this was dirt and gravel, so it was quite a different sensation. My bike doesn’t have shocks, so I bumped along quite a bit. My “real” mountain bike experience made me feel very adventurous!

DSC04511The scenery was fabulous as well! This was a fun ride, and one I would definitely recommend to anyone in the Tennessee, North Carolina or Virginia area.