Its been an interesting couple of days:

— I decided Tuesday I needed to go visit my friend who just started law school in Mississippi. I bought my plane ticket Wednesday. We’re both super excited about visiting, even though we just saw each other in August, but I am NEVER this spontanious. Careful, calculated planning is the name of my game.

— My “boss,” who will only be my “boss” until the 20th of the month, has moved offices to a completly different part of the building. I don’t hear from him at all, which is fine, since I have plenty of work to do on my own preparing for the arrival of my new boss, but he won’t give me the information I requested that I need to do my job properly, and that I need to give to other people so they can do their jobs. On top of that, he has the audacity to ask me to make a poster for a group that is not affiliated with my job, nor would the work be done for someone I actually work for. I will do your extra work when you give me what I need so I can do my real work, thanks.

— We’re babysitting for our friends’ baby tomorrow! This will be only the second time they have EVER left their 11 month old son. And I mean EVER. With the exception of a few hours, he has always been with at least one parent. The one time they left him, he was with his grandmother, so we’ll be the first people to keep him who aren’t related to him. I’m excited, but his parents are, understandably, nervous.

— I got a flat tire this morning on my way to work. I ran up onto, and into, the curb on a turn I take every day, at least twice a day, and have for a year and a half. Seriously, who does that! Whatever I managed to do to my tire bent my rim and rendered my tire flat pretty immediatly. I pulled off at a do it yourself car wash, and called Hubby, after fixing the battery on my phone. Because, you know, this is the perfect time for my phone battery to freak out and not work. Then, when I opened my car door to inspect the damage on my rear passenger side tire, I realized I had pulled my front tire into a puddle of puke. Fun! So Hubby came to change my tire for me, and he was looking all cute for work in a nice, new blue shirt and his brand new work shoes, and promptly gets himself covered in grease and other ground yuck trying to change the tire. Good thing the puke wasn’t by the rear tires, I guess. Luckily, I was only 25 minutes late to work, and my spare tire is full sized, so I can drive my car until Saturday, when we have an appointment to replace my tire, change my oil, and get a general tune-up.

— I thought my aerobics class today was going to be stretching, but we weight lifted instead. Ugh. I have next to no upper body strength, so weight lifting is NOT my favorite. I’m going to be sore tomorrow!