Can you believe its September already!? I feel like spring just got here! But I am stoked to see the leaves change and to break out my fall clothes. My goals this month center around being more active outside while the weather’s still warm, spending more quality time with my family, and becoming a better homemaker.

1. Bike every Saturday with Hubby.

2. Run at least once in our neighborhood.

3. Finish the last two Harry Potter books.

4. Bake a loaf of bread. If you have a good bread recipe that doesn’t require a bread machine, please pass it on to me!

5. Ride the Creeper Trail with Hubby.

6. Work in the yard at least one hour each week. My yard needs this soo badly!

7. Make Tuesday a “Family Night” — eating at the table, playing a board game and walking the dog.

8. Finish organizing my Meal Swap, and make recipe books for all the girls involved.

9. Read the book of  First Samuel. I don’t care if I finish by the time the month is up, but I want to at least have made a good headway into it.

10. Make a meal plan and grocery list each week.


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