DSC04497Monday, I wore a white, pin-tucked 3/4 length top with a white ribbon tie at the waist. I love this top (from Ann Taylor Loft), but I don’t wear white often because when I do, I’m guaranteed to spill something on myself. Luckily, there were no major mishaps this day. I paired the top with my favorite, go-to pair of trouser jeans (also from Loft) and a pair of white flip-flops. My favorite part of this outfit are my earings — white with a red flower pressed in the center. I think it might be fun to jazz the top up with a red ribbon at the waist rather than the white one that came with the shirt.

DSC04495When I was fixing my hair Sunday, I noticed I had a really great curl, and had to take a picture to remember this great hair moment.