We’ve already established that I love to read, but, in addition to ready “adult” books, I also love to read children’s books. And, of course, I have some of my own childhood favorite books. These are the top ten books I would recommend to kids 10 and under.41f-UjuOL5L._SL500_AA240_

1. Little House on the Prairie — I love Laura Ingles Wilder’s series! I think Farmer Boy was my favorite, but I think all girls will fall in love with Laura and the whole Wilder family. And the honesty of the stories give every girl something to identify with.


2. A Series of Unfortunate Events — Lemony Snicket is too funny, and he sneaks a little education into his books as well, which I always love. Plus, this series of 13 novels is all about kids batteling evil (and insipid) adults — always a hit!

3. Pat the Bunny — this was my FAVORITE book when I was little, and I love that the 50’s styling of the book hasn’t changed a bit.

4. American Girl Books — I haven’t met a girl that didn’t love these.

5. Bernstein Bears: New Baby — When I was two, I learned to “read” this book. My parents read it to me soo often, I memorized it word for word, and even had the page turns down. This book is a great way to introduce the idea of the changes that come with the arrival of a new baby.


6. Tacky the Penguin — This is a delightful book about a young penguin who is very, very different from all his brothers. Evidently, these stories about being different have been expanded into a series.

7. The Chronicles of Narnia — I started reading these when I was eight, and the stories get richer and richer with each re-reading. Personally, I don’t think you can be too young to start reading (or being read) these novels.


8. Carry on Mr. Bowdich — First published in 1955, I adored this story of a self-taught seaman who pulls himself up through the various sea-ranks and eventually comes to rewrite Maritime Navigation as it had been known.

9. The Mysterious Case of Mr. Pin — I love penguins, and I think this collection of mystery stories helped me fall in love with mysteries.


10. Matilda — Another masterpiece by Roald Dahl.


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