This weekend, we thought we’d be helping some of our friends move, but I got the dates mixed up! We’ll actually be helping them move this coming weekend.

We did have plans to have two families and one couple over for burgers and hotdogs Saturday night, which was a lot of fun. It was the first time we’d really had people over, and I can’t say enough how nice it was to have how kitchen stuffed full with friends. We had two little boys here, and I loved watching our dog interact with them. She was very tolerant of their petting her, and really enjoyed licking one boys.

Sunday, I got the chance to meet my soon-to-be-new boss! I’m still a bit nervous about working with someone new (after a year, I finally feel like I really know my current boss and work well with him), but he seems nice. He’s never had an assistant before, which I think will actually be helpful; he’ll know everything that I do and all the effort it takes!

Hubby had the draft night for his Fantasy Football league (with our Sunday School class), so I had dinner with some of the wives who otherwise would have been alone. A dinner of salad and onion rings is healthy right?