I’m thinking of changing What I Wore Wednesday, so instead of seeing most of what I’ve worn through the week, you’ll see one outfit or item that I wore. This means I don’t have to worry quite as much about running out of new and different clothes!

So, what I am currently loving? This grey 3/4-sleeved, lightweight jacket:


The reasons I’ve been wearing this Ann Taylor Loft jacket almost non-stop since I purchased it Thursday are many-fold. The lightweight cotton is the perfect weight to keep me warm in my office, and cotton means machine washable! Despite being lightweight, this jacket has a good amount of structure, emphasizing a narrow waist and ribcage. The tie at the waist helps this and also gives size and style options. You can loop the tie back to the back to create a smaller jacket; this is a great option if you’re wearing the jacket as a layering piece and intend to keep it open and the way I’ve been wearing mine lately. Lastly, the gray is the perfect “goes with everything” color making it the perfect “my office is freezing” wardrobe staple.

One note about this jacket: the sizing seems be running a bit big, as my jacket is an XSP (a size smaller than what I normally wear) and is a perfect fit.