I grew up on an island whose climate can only be described as “sub-tropical.” In high school, we thought 70 degree weather ment it was too cold to go outside and run for P.E.

But, in 1989, it snowed.


Our 3-4 inch snowfall lives in infamy as “The Great Blizzard of  ’89.” It is the first and only recorded snowfall for our area. I was 4, a few months away from being five when it snowed and remember trying to make snow angels but hitting dirt. It was not a lot of snow, but it was enough to make a little snowman and for me to wear the entirely too-short snowsuit someone had given me for Christmas two years ago. Really, who gives a kid living in a sub-tropical climate a SNOW SUIT!? I remember we couldn’t drive anywhere because our area didn’t have any snow machines, nor did many people know how to drive in the snow. I also remember wearing two pairs of socks, the kind with the lace around the ankles, and being suprised to see ice forming around them! Because we didn’t have hills or sleds, my dad pulled my brother and I around the neighborhood on a set of roof-shingle samples.