For our second wedding anniversary, Hubby and I took a trip to Chattanooga, TN. Ever since I moved to Virginia, I’ve been wanting to head west for a visit, and I finally got a chance to last week! I really loved my visit and Hubby and I both thought its a place where we could live and be super happy (we’re not looking to move, but it just had a fun but laid back vibe we loved). On top of that, there were a lot of fun things to do!



Penguins are hands-down my favorite animal, and the Tennessee Aquarium didn’t disappoint. They even had two penguin babies! Hubby thought it was funny because when they came to feed the penguins I yelled and pressed myself up against the glass. So did all the five year olds.


Whatever. I had fun with my new penguin friends.

2. Dippin’ Dots is one of my favorite kinds of ice cream. I was excited to see VENDING machines featuring them,


but sad to see the machine was out of order. Not to worry though, I tracked down a bowl later!

3. Amy Beth recommended dessert at Rembrandt’s, a cool coffee and sandwich shop in the art district. I’m so glad we followed her advice and went! Not only was the atmosphere fun and romantic, but the desserts were tasty and oh-so pretty!

DSC041244. Pretend house-hunting is always a vacation favorite of mine, but it was extra fun up in the mountains. I saw a lot of houses I would LOVE to live in, but sadly, I only took a picture of this sweet house in the art district.

DSC04103To me, this is the perfect mix of classical, modern and whimsical architecture.

5. Hubby picked our activity on day two, so we headed up a mountin to Ruby Falls, an underground waterfall. We took about a hour and a half tour as deep into solid rock as the Empire State Building is tall.

DSC04293The neatest part? They still don’t know the origin of the falls! The tunnel that feeds into the falls becomes too narrow to travel thought several hundred feet in, so they haven’t been able to determine the exact source of this waterfall.

6. We stayed at the Chatannoga Choo-Choo, a train station turned hotel. Tracks still run through the multiple building complex, and several Victorian-era train cars have been converted into hotel rooms. We got to stay in one, and it was pretty cool!

DSC04094The room was long and narrow, but updated to contain all the standard conviences we expect in hotels today. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to bathe, shave and sleep while the car was moving.

7. The Aquarium also boasts an IMAX movie theater where we viewed “Under the Sea 3-D,” narrated by Jim Carrey.

DSC04254I kinda forgot IMAX tends to make me dizzy, and the 3-D didn’t really help, but it was still super fun. Plus, the IMAX gift-shop sells Dippin’ Dots!!

8. Hanging out with Spider Crabs.

DSC04237I am always up for things you crawl into that put you up close and personal with the animals. It was amazing to me to see such huge crabs, and made me feel closer to my favorite Deadliest Catch fishermen.

9. Near the art district was an art museum I would love to visit that was made up of three different buildings — a more colonial structure, an 80’s modern structure, and a contemporary structure.

DSC04121The outside was enough to make me want to visit, but the downtown area also had these fun advertisements that made me want to take a second trip just to check it out.


10. Did I mention I loved the pengiuns?



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