July is a rough month for me. I’ve got to out of town frequently and have a busy work schedule, so my goals for this month will be fairly light.

1. Help Hubby finish my mini desk makeover. Nope.

2. Read at least 8 books. Yes! Supprisingly, I managed to read 11. This is partially due to the realization that there were 3 Princess Diaries books I hadn’t read yet! Those made for quick, easy, and fun reads.

3. Purchase new underwear and a new convertible bra. Score!

4. Purchase a new outfit. Success! I purchased one dress and three new tops.

5. Sew the button back on my seersucker pants. Failed. Tonight. I will do this tonight.

6. Go to at least one of the places Amy Beth recommended on our anniversary trip! Success!! We ate at Rembrants, which was tasty and fun. Oh, and the presentation was fabulous!

7. Make a dentist appointment. Failure.

8. Excercise a total of 10 times. I got halfway there. But, in my defense, my aerobics instructor was sick the one week I could go to class everyday, which would have pushed me to ten days. I’ll give myself half credit for this.


I think I made these a little harder than I really ment to. Oh well, at least I met over 50% of my goals!