Today is mine and Hubby’s 2nd wedding anniversary! I’m on my way back from summer camp, and Hubby is working out of town, but we have some fun anniversary things planned for later in the week. But, since today is the day that, two years ago, was the BIG day, I’d share my top ten wedding memories. In no particular order:

1. This is, without a doubt, my favorite wedding day photo and memory.


We were supposed to arrive to our gorgeous reception site in a horse and carriage. But, because it rained during our ceremony, they weren’t able to get everything set up in time for our arrival. I was seriously bummed at first, but then our photographer suggested we get out of the car and take photos on the road. I had no idea Hubby was going to pick me up, and started screaming “PUT ME DOWN!” It was a sweet, surprising moment for me, and I think the photo really captures that. (*This is a photo of the photo our photographer took.*)

2. My mom and I were the only ladies to get dressed in the bride’s room, and we were a little late getting started. We were both changing, in our underwear, when someone knocked on the door. Instead of responding like normal people, we both screamed and ran for the bathroom. Like anyone could have seen us through the door anyway!

3. My giant piece of cake at our rehersal dinner:

DSC01960When else can you get a giant piece of cake with your name on it?

4. My brother catching the garter.

n26001725_31038860_1199Actually, my cousin caught the garter first, but his mom had told him he was not allowed to catch it (she didn’t want to put any marriage ideas in his head!), he handed it to my brother. My brother tried to pass it off, but no one next to him would take it. I guess knowing his mom and his sister wore it freaked him out.

5. My cousin playing the bagpipes.

DSC02245I asked both of my young-ish male cousins to be ring bearers, and they agreed to, but the older of the two really wanted to play the bagpipes. I was happy to have be part of the day in any way he felt comfortable, so I was game for this. He did a FABULOUS job! It really made the ceremony, and it was so sweet to talk to him about the different song’s he had picked out to play, choosing one called “Mary’s Wedding Day.”


6. A wedding-day kiss from my PopPop.


7. My youngest cousin, who was one of my flower girls, asked me why I wore two rings.

n26001725_31038848_8022I spent a little bit of time talking to her about the difference between an engagement ring, and she showed me her bracelet. It was just a sweet moment with my favorite cousin.

8. Did I mention we got married in the deep south, in July? Yeah, it was hot!

n21300849_32699814_7255At one point, it was just a little much for me, and I downed a glass of water and just had to sit down and fan myself.

9. For the rehearsal, I really wanted to make sure everyone was on time, and kept telling people not to be late. Well, right as we had finished getting ready, my brother reached into his toiletry bag for his deodorant, and cut himself on his razor. Down the hall, my parents and I heard, “AAAAAHHHHH! It hurts!! … Oh, that’s deep.” My brother came down the hall, followed by my grandfather, and he and my dad decided to take care of the wound. I really don’t know what I did, but the whole time, my grandfather kept saying, “I have blood coagulant, do you think we need it? Should I go get the coagulant?” They got everything under control surprisingly quickly, but of course we were the last people to arrive to the rehearsal.

10. Getting smacked with a sword.

In college, Hubby was in the Corps, and thought he wanted to go into the military. He didn’t (for which I am forever grateful — I’m not cut out to be a military wife), but all of his close friends are currently in the military. Only two of them weren’t deployed for the wedding, so we had a very small saber arch. I knew sword smacking was typical in military weddings, but I thought only the brides of men actually in the military got smacked. But I did too! Not hard, but I sure was suprised!