Give me a red balloon and a long black string

I can whistle and I can sing

with my red balloon and a long black string

I’d be happy as anything.

Laughs are many and tears a few

life’s exciting and always new

in a world of girls and boys

in a world of simple joys.

We used to sing this at camp, and it inspired today’s list of top ten simple joys! These are simple, everyday, even commonplace things I love.

1. The smell of a camp fire.

2. Wind in your hair on a bike ride.

3. The smell right after it rains, and the steam that rises off of the pavement if its rained on a sunny day.

4. A warm, sleepy baby in your arms.

5. A comfy chair, blanket, and good book on a dreary day.

6. Perfect, golden-brown, roasted marshmallows.

7. A cold, wet puppy nose nuzzling your hand to wake you up.

8. Standing still in the ocean, feeling the water rush over your feet and burying them in the sand.

9. Late-night walks lit by fireflies.

10. Ice cream outside on a warm night — preferably chocolate ice cream!


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