This weekend, I went shopping for all of the things we need to bring to Youth Camp. Three hours and three stores later, my car looked like this:

DSC04080And I still didn’t have everything I need. I even bought ALL (as in EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.) and still needed about 400 more! Who knew finding glow sticks in the summer would be so difficult!

Hubby and I went on a bike ride — my first one in at least two years! I did well, I think. I remembered how to ride and lasted for an hour, which is pretty good to me. Hubby said he was just getting warmed up, but my butt was KILLING me, so we stopped after an hour.

Sunday, we went to see Harry Potter in this cool, independant theater in a neighborhood near ours. The theater was built in the 30’s and has a really cool art-deco feel. The walls of the theaters are stone, complete with gargoyes looking down on you. It was a great atmosphere to watch HP, and just a cool, historic place.


Things may get a little quite around here as I’m off to camp Thursday morning. I’m working on some posts for while I’m away, but with all the stuff I still need to do, it may not happen.