A few weeks ago, Hubby took a test to become certified to design green systems. He had really worked hard, studying and taking practice tests, and he found out that he passed! Of course we had to celebrate, so we went out to Maggie Moo’s for ice cream.


I love Maggie Moo’s, so this was also a special treat for me! I had cake batter, brownie, sprinkle ice cream. Sooooooo good!


Hubby had some chocolate thing — I can’t remember what!

Now that he has passed this test, his PE (Professional Engineer) test is up next. This test is pretty much the equivalent of a Masters Degree, but without the schooling. To be able to even take the test, you have to have worked for at least 4 years under a licenced PE, and have three licenced PEs sign off saying you are competent enough to sit for the exam. Hubby is hoping he passes on the first try when he takes the exam next August.


If he does pass, I won’t just get him ice cream though. I promised I’d buy him a table saw if he passed!

Congrats honey!