top-ten-tuesdayI love to read, I really, really do. But, I also like to watch TV. I can spend a whole day reading, but I could (and much more easily) spend an entire day watching TV. And, like every good TV addict, I have some of my own favorites and guilty pleasures. Here are my ten favorites:

1. MADE. I don’t really watching this often, but I always love it when I catch an episode.

2. Food Network Challenge. I love watching crazy cake artists make amazing cakes in 8 hours. Bronwen Webber is my favorite!

3. Project Runway. There isn’t a new season out right now, but this is one of my all-time favorite TV shows. Back in college, we had a Project Runway night, where we ate chips and salsa, watched the show and had a great time. I miss those nights more than I miss Tim Gunn!


4. Deadliest Catch. I never would have thought I would love this show, following several boatloads of crab fishermen, but there’s something about this show that pulls me in, and I can’t seem to tear myself away.

5. Next Food Network Star. Is it becoming clear that I like challenge shows? Even though food competition shows aren’t usually my cup of tea, this one really works for me since its about personality and audience connection, I feel like I can watch and judge along.


6. Income Property is a fairly new HGTV show where homeowners convert an unfinished basement or renovate an existing space into an income-generating rental space. The two week timeline is unreal, and the transformations are always unbelievable. Plus, the host is oh-so dreamy!


7. 18 Kids and Counting, on TLC. I can’t imagine having (nor do I really want to have) 18 children, but I love watching the Duggar family and the genuine love they have for each of their kids. I may not agree with everything they do or believe, but I sure do love watching them!


8. So You Think You Can Dance! I know I can’t dance, but I took ballet for 8 years, so I know enough to be blown away by the fabulous talent on the show. Of course, the show also feeds my illusion (delusion?) that if I took a few dance classes, maybe I could be ready for the hot tamale train!

9. Property Virgins. I always learn something about real estate when I watch this show, plus its just fun to watch first-time homebuyers figure out what’s really important to them in a home and learn what they really can afford.


10. LOST. Is there any question that this is my favorite show? I didn’t think so.


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