The Good:

  • Another four day work-week! We leave tomorrow for my hometown to visit my parents and attend a friend’s wedding.
  • I’ll also get to have lunch with my long-time friend, Joanna, who’s in the states on a two-month furlough from an overseas mission/teaching job.
  • I am still LOVING my Beth Moore study. Last week’s lesson was also particularly timely for me.
  • I’m making a crock-pot roast for dinner tonight – minimal effort for a maximum result!!
  • 29 days until Beth and Elliott get married!!!!
  • 19 days until mine and Hubby’s anniversary, and 21 until our trip!

 The Bad:

  • I’ve only been to aerobics once this week.
  • Hubby will be spending the last week of July and the entire month of August working out of town/technically out of state. He will get to come home on the weekends, but I’m kind of bummed.
  • None of the library books I wanted to take on our road trip have come in. :o(
  • Our microwave seems to be possessed. It was beeping incessantly this morning, and flashing “666”

 The Ugly:

  • We’re putting on our own youth summer camp this year (this means we coordinate the worship, teaching, activities, etc.) and we have ZERO done. We keep having meetings about what things we need to do, but no one has given me the information I need to get those things done. I’m getting ready for a serious freak out about this.  
  • I hate sleeping in the house alone, and Hubby will be gone for FIVE WEEKS. That’s 25 nights I have to sleep alone.