This Tuesday, its time for you to learn what ten items I can’t live without! Of course this doesn’t include those things that are necessary for life like air, food, water, air conditioning, chocolate…Instead, these items just make my life seriously easier.

1. The Good Dog Collar. My dog walks like a dream when she’s wearing this collar — I can’t walk her without it!


2. My J.A. Henckels paring knife. I have a full 10-piece block set of these knives, but the paring knife is my go-to knife. I use it for just about everything, including something I probably shouldn’t use it for (like slicing potatoes), but the size and weight is just perfect for me. Who knew you could love a knife so much?

3. Front Loading Washer and Dryer. Mine are from GE, and what really makes them something I can’t live without is the time delay option. I can put my laundry in when I leave the house and set it so my clothes will be washed and ready to go in the dryer by the time I get home. Or, I could put them in at night and set them to be ready right when I get up. Oh, and I can set a load to have a second rinse, which is super helpful when washing the dog’s things.

4. Reusable grocery bags! These bags hold more than your typical paper or plastic grocery store bags, plus it just feels good to be environmentally friendly!

5. My four-poster bed! Thanks to my fabulous grandparents, I now have the bed of my dreams! Frankly, I could live without this, but I just love it and had to include it on this list.


6. Ugg mini-loafers. These are super comfy thanks to their sheepskin lining, but the classic, simplistic styling make them great for more casual work outfits as well as weekend wear.

7. My green scissors. I think I bought these at Target ages ago, but they ROCK! They have sharp, thin blades, which is perfect for more precision cutting, and the handle is small for my child-sized hands. Hubby is always using these and not putting them back


8. Maybeline Bare Essentials Mineral Make-Up and I have a serious love affair. The minerals make this a nice, light foundation, and a bonus for me is that this is a liquid foundation. I’ve never been a fan of powdered foundations, so this is perfect for me!

9. Neutregena Oil-Free Acne Wash. No, I don’t have acne (not anymore!), but this really helps control my more minor breakouts. Plus, the new grapefruit scent is a great way to wake up!

10. Coffee! Right now, I’m digging Folgers flavored gourmet selections, especially the chocolate truffle flavor. Yum!


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