Our 4th of July weekend was, well, different than the “normal” American’s. I decided a while ago that going to see a fireworksdisplay, with all the hassle of crowds, is just not my thing.

So, inteadof braving the crowds and going out Saturday night, we headed out Friday night for dinner out with some friends. I know I had a great time, and I think the other couples did as well.

We kept our Saturday pretty low-key; Hubby went bike riding witha friend and I spent some time with a friend of mine as well. Since I wasn’t feeling the fireworks, and Hubby kind of wanted to watch them, we decided to grill hot dogs and see if we could see any fireworks from our back deck — we can’t. But the hot dogs, oven fries and cole slaw were tasty, as were these fun strawberry cheesecake parfaits I whipped up.

DSC04038Yumm, yum yum!

I also spent a large quantity of time watching Deadliest Catch. I can’t say why, but the perils of an ice-cold sea and the guys who are crazy enough to go out there and risk falling in just appeals to me. And that show has the best cliff-hangers EVER. My favorite boat is the Cornelia Marie, mostly because of Captain Phil. But I think the Captain of the new boat, The Intrepid, might give him a run for his money.

So that was our holiday weekend; I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing one as well!