Here’s what I’ve worn over the past week (except no photo of me in my pj’s from Saturday!).

Wednesday — Navy blue floral skirt (JC Penny), red silk blouse (Ann Taylor) and my favorite earings, red flowers set in mother of pearl purchased on our honeymoon!

Thursday — Green v-neck top, love the cut-outs on the bottom (Ann Taylor Loft) with white cami with lace on top (Ann Taylor Loft) and trouser cut jeans (Ann Taylor Loft)

Sunday — I wore this to church and to my friend’s bridal shower! Cream rosette baby doll top (Ann Taylor Loft) light pink sweater with rosette (Ann Taylor Loft) — I love how the rosettes on both of these coordinate, but don’t scream “matchy-matchy.” Tops worn with a knee-length denim skirt (Ann Taylor Factory), pear earings, and strappy sandles (Nordstrom).

Monday — Okay, not so much a fan of this outfit, but I wore a once-piece top that looks like two layered pieces (Ann Taylor Loft) with light-weight navy blue pants (Ann Taylor Loft) and my Ugg loafers. Comfy, but not my favorite on the cutness scale.

Tuesday — My favorite skirt! A green, orange and yellow madras print skirt (Ann Taylor Loft) with a bright yellow polo (Ann Taylor Loft) and leather flip-flops = causual and cute!

I think Sunday and Tuesday tie for my favorite outfits of the week.