top-ten-tuesdayThere is no time during my day that I am more irritated than when I am driving. I try to patient, I try to be forgiving, and I do drive defensively, but there are some things that really, really irk me on the road. Maybe its the many-mile difference between my hometown and my now-town. At any rate, here are the top ten things that make me want to pull my hair out (or cry) when driving.

1. Not letting people into your lane. If my turn signal is on, and has been on, then I probably really need to get over. Maybe I need to turn in the next 500 feet to get to my destination. Please, please slow down for two seconds and let me over.

2. Not waving when I let you over, or not waving back when I wave at you for letting me over. And you call yourself a southern state Virginia! You should be ashamed. Its a polite, courteous thing to wave; it screams, “Thanks for thinking of me, for changing your speed to accommodate my needs!” And if you aren’t going to wave, for goodness sakes, please do not flick me off!

3. Tailing me (or anyone else) when I’m a safe following distance behind another car. I may be going slow, but there’s nothing I can do about it. In fact, I probably wish I could go faster too.

4. Rolling up through a stoplight. You’ve seen these people, the ones who stop at a red light and spend the remainder of the light slooooowly rolling up through the light until they’re practically halfway through the light. I don’t understand — do they really think they’re getting anywhere faster?

5. Weaving in and out of lanes. Do you need to cut around six cars? Yesh.

6. Blocking an intersection; this is especially bad if there is a sign saying “do not block the intersection.” Its even worse if someone is sitting on the other side, waiting to be let in. Why do people do this? I especially hate this at busy intersections or when people not letting someone through the intersection is causing a traffic back-up.

7. Not merging responsibly. You know when you’re driving on the highway, and for whatever reason, the two lanes are cut down to do and traffic is crawling along? Usually, for quite a while ahead they tell you which lane is closed and ask you to merge. Then there are those people who stay in the closing lane for as long as possible. It really, really bugs me.

8. Driving slowly in left lane. I understand if you need to pass a car or truck going slower than you are, but please, once you are safely past, please get back into the right lane! This especially bothers me when multiple cars and trucks are passing the car in question, yet they remain in the left lane. The left lane is for passing!

9. Not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign. Okay, really this just bugs me when Hubby does it and I’m in the car. I always tell him that you haven’t come to a complete stop unless you feel the car roll backwards. Does he listen? No.

10. Not using your turn signal. This probaby irks me more than anything else. I live on a street where, if you are turning and have your turn signal on, I can pull out. If you turn but haven’t put your turn signal on, by the time I realize what you’re doing, its too late for me to pull out.

Really, I just want people to be courtious when they drive. You wouldn’t practically walk into me in the mall and say “excuse me,” so why would you do it in your car?