Here’s a quick peek at a few things that went on this weekend, and a few things from earlier in the week as well.


Wednesday, I went with my friend to pick up her wedding dress!! Check out the detail on the side of her dress — isn’t it beautiful? And the dress bustles asymetically, a twist on this classic dress that is so, so her. Seriously, her soon to be Hubby is going to be blown away when when those doors open.

Sunday afternoon, I went to an around the clock bridal shower in her honor. Check out the hand-piped cake a local baker made:


After much debate, I decided to get my friend three things for my 6 am time: a devotion book (The Power of a Praying Wife), a four-pack Starbuck’s Mocha Frappachinos, and a (conservative) nightie from Victoria’s Secret. Oh, her face when she opened the Victoria’s Secret box was PRICELESS! I knew she would be embaressed, but I had to get it for her. I knew she never would get something like that for herself, and as her friend, I couldn’t let her get married without something pretty!


We played Bridal Bingo several times, which was a lot of fun. We also had to guess what we thought Beth would get as gifts for the different times of the day, and a prize was given to those who were had the most right (or partially right). I won, but only got three correct (and one of those was my gift!). It was a hard game, but hey, I won something so I guess I can’t complain.

I can’t wait until August 8th!