I’ve been doing a Beth Moore Bible Study on Esther for the past couple of weeks, and let me tell you: it is fantastic! It’s subtitle is “It’s Tough Being a Woman,” and you know I totally agree with that! What woman wouldn’t?

Tonight’s study focused on meanness, anger and mean girls. We’ve all been around mean girls, and, let’s face it, we’ve all been the mean girl at one point or another.

Beth said meanness always has a history, and with woman, feelings of anger and meanness usually come because we feel threatened in some way. So, when we feel angry, we must identify the threat; what about this person, this situation makes us feel threatened?

I thought about this ya’ll, and it is so, soo true! When I feel frustrated with someone at work, its usually because I feel that if they don’t do a good job, it will make me look bad; I feel like my reputation is being threatened. Walking up the driveway to go to Bible Study, two other girls were talking about their plans to do something together Friday, and I felt so angry and hurt. Why? Because I felt like my friendship wasn’t valuable to them — my worth as a person was being threatened.

But you know what? Now that I know why I feel angry, or hurt, or upset, I feel better about the situation, probably because I can see how silly it is. My worth as a person is no better nor any less than anyone elses because two people are better friends with one another.

So what’s working for me this week? Knowing and understanding what, when I’m angry, is making me feel threatened and dealing with those feelings. I hope, if you try looking at your anger in this way, that it works for you too.


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