We were out late last night at Hubby’s back-to-back softball games, so I thought today would be the perfect time to share my top ten favorite photos! In no particular order:

DSC00801A perfect summer night: a wedding, a concert, a quick dip in our school’s fountain.

DSC01115I love this photo of my brother and I with our grandparents. I love the candid-ness, and the richness of the colors.

DSC02215Favorite photo from our honeymoon.

IMGP0640My sophomore year roomie took this photo out of the window of our room. Yes — this is straight out of the camera! The sky really was this fantastic color, and I haven’t seen anything like it since!

LiketsoSmile.jpgMy sweet, sweet boy. Didn’t like to smile for the camera, but I finally caught him!

n26001268_31042300_313Kiss from my PopPop on my wedding day.

School yard-play time-4Favorite photo from my first trip to Africa (Kenya).

DSC01754Favorite photo of college girls — taken during dead week, a few days before we graduated!

DSC03818Current favorite photo of me and Hubby.


Favorite photo Hubby has taken, at a 4th of July fireworks display a month and a half before he proposed.


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