Our weekend was fairly action-packed, with a 50th wedding anniversary party, but the most *exciting* moments of the weekend came late Saturday, when Hubby, his brother and two cousins were at the park playing Frisbee golf.

It was hotter than it has been all year, and Hubby brought our black lab/border collie mix with him to play with his cousins’ 120 pound puppy.

Everyone was having a great time until Glacier started stumbling around, collapsed, and appeared to be having a seizure. Hubby’s cousins are both firemen and animal lovers, so they acted quickly, dumping creek water on her and carrying her back to the house.

They made her drink water (which she later threw up) and lay down to try to cool her off. She panted and drooled a lot and breathed heavily for a while, but eventually seemed to come back to her normal self.

DSC03978To  help cool her off, we made her lay down infront of one of our cranked up AC vents and a small personal fan.

DSC03979I told her to look really pathetic, but I think she was feeling better at this point!

We’re pretty sure what Glacier had was heat stroke, which can be fatal in dogs of they aren’t cooled down quickly. We are soo thankful Hubby’s cousin acted fast, and that Glacier is back to her old, cheerful self!