Number of kids signed up for our Middle School Service week: 4

Number of kids who showed up for Middle School Service week: 23

Number of sandwiches I made for Middle Schoolers: 25

Number of donut holes eaten while making sandwiches: 4

Number of donut holes eaten over the day: Approximately 8

Number of jars of peanut butter purchased for the week: 7

Number of jars of jelly purchased for the week: 6

Number of jars of marshmallow fluff purchased for the week: 3

Number of bottles of tie-dye dye mixed up: 20

Number of extra hours worked: 4.5

Number of hours worked before sitting at desk: 5.5


And then there was the “Summer Kick-Off” at a local fun place. The kids played putt-putt, laser tag, ate pizza and could ride two different kinds of go-carts. It was a loooong day, but there weren’t as many fun numbers from the second half.