We went to one of my good friend’s weddings this weekend and had a great time! Sadly, I forgot my camera.

We left home early so we could get to town in time to walk around Old Towne and have lunch with some friends who were also in town for the wedding. Two of the couples came down from New York, so we wanted to maximize the hang-out time!

Since Hubby and I spent the night last night, and everyone else spent the night Friday night, we had a changing party in our hotel room before the world’s shortest wedding ceremony. Seriously, I think the ceremony lasted, from the seating of the parents to when we left the building. It was a good thing though, as we were very, very cozily arranged in our pew. I was half sitting on Hubby’s lap, and half-sitting on my friend’s Hubby’s lap! One of my favorite moments of the day was that the bride walked down the aisle to George Harrison’s “Something.” The Beatles are her favorite band, and before she met her husband, she always said she wanted to walk down the aisle to one of their songs.

The reception was a BLAST, and the DJ was too funny, and had props for about half of the songs. We found at half-way through from one of the bridesmaids that the bride and groom had specifically requested NO PROPS! Thankfully, the bride seemed happy and not stressed that the DJ was doing something they asked him not too — and, at any rate, I enjoyed the maracas and sombraros!

I especially enjoyed seeing my friend who will be a bride in August, and getting the low-down on her wedding plans!