top-ten-tuesdayThis Top Ten Tuesday, I thought I’d share the top ten things I’ve learned thus far in life. Um yes, I think this is going to be hard to come up with!

1. Don’t back sass your mama. Especially don’t back sass your mama while she’s spanking you.

2. What you think is important in high school, isn’t. (And I mean here, those things you get sooo wrapped up in, the ones that seem like they’ll consume you. Yeah, not as important as you think.)

3. Everyone tells you the four years of college will be over before you know it. Believe them.

4. If your parents tell you something, listen. They know what they’re talking about and have a reason for telling you.

5. All your life your friends will be the same age as you — until you graduate college. People older than your parents can be your friends!

6. When you’re getting married, everyone tells you the details aren’t the most important thing — you won’t believe them. You should. Two years later you won’t remember or car if great-aunt Jean sat next to cousin Vickie, but you will remember that you got married (and you’ll care who you married too!).

7. In-law relationships aren’t as easy as your parents make them look.

8. Grocery shopping (and couponing) = fun!

9. My priorities and expectations for myself as a wife are not the same as the ones Hubby has for me.

10. Friendships out of college are a whole lot different than friendships in college. They take more work, but they’re worth it. Oh, but those college friendships still stay super sweet, but take more work than they did before!


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I’m going to a local shower in honor of my friend whose wedding I’ll be in. It’s an around the clock shower, and I’ve been assigned 6 am. She and her fiancee haven’t registered for a ton, so I’d like to pick out something on my own that’s personal (or personalized), but what would be good for 6 am? I’m still sleeping – what are you doing at 6 am? Any ideas for great gifts?