I really enjoyed my somewhat lazy weekend!

After work Friday, I helped out at our church’s Parent’s Night Out, with the kids who had finished kindergarten and up. I was a little worried (we had 20 kids and 3 adults), but it turned out to really be a lot of fun.


Saturday, Hubby continued to work on patching up the holes he made in our bathrooms while I caught up on laundry. Later, Hubby took me on a “surprise” date to see UP in 3-D. I LOVED it! I thought it was wonderfully sweet (the beginning made me cry), but still funny. I think this really is a movie that hits the balance for all family members. Adults will identify with Carl Fredricksen’s feelings after his wife’s death, while many kids will identify with Russell’s desire to have a family and not leave any of his friends behind. If you haven’t seen it, please go!Oh, and while I enjoyed the movie in 3-D, I’m not sure its worth the extra money. It was good, but I think the movie would have been just as charming in 2-D.

Sunday, Hubby and I had lunch with another couple and their 8 month old son after church. It was one of our first times eating in a restaurant with a baby in tow, and I thought he was very well behaved. After lunch, we visited Once Upon a Child for their clearance sale. There’s no baby on the way, but a lady in our church who is a Somalian refuge recently found out she was unexpectedly pregnant. She and her husband are raising several other children, and haven’t been able to afford pre-natal care, much less maternity clothing. Once Upon a Child also sells maternity clothing, so I went to see if I could find something that might work for her. I think I had success, and I even found a cute, gender neutral 3 piece outfit for the baby.

Over the whole course of the weekend, Hubby made some serious progress on our bathroom. I can’t wait to show you some of the changes he made! Most aren’t obvious, but they all have me wondering how we lived without them!

I’ve seriously been craving some pimiento cheese, preferably on a burger, but I don’t have a good recipie for it. Can you help me out?