Have I ever mentioned that I have freakishly small feet?

I do.

I wear a child’s size 3.5, or a woman’s size 4 (which is next to impossible to find).

Needless to say, I don’t have a whole lot of nice, dressy shoes, and those that I do have are you standard black, brown, tan and white.

When my friend whose wedding I’ll be in in August said we could pick any shoe we wanted to wear, provided it was white, pink or orange, I decided to seize the opportunity to get some fun colored, nice shoes.

Check out what came to my door this weekend!


DSC03941To get the orange, I did have to buy a 4.5, which is a little big, but with a gripper, seems like it will work perfectly. I plan on breaking them in at another friend’s wedding this weekend, and I’m hoping their cute and comfy!