My husband was doing this to my bathroom.

DSC03946And this to our office.


Yes, that’s a hole in the bathroom ceiling, right above our shower. And yes, there are more holes in Hubby’s closet in the office.

Really, its not all bad. Our downstairs bath fan pulled the hot, moist air out of the bathroom, but just moved it to the space between the floor and ceiling of our first and second floors. Hubby has now, as you can see, installed duct work that pulls the air upstairs and lets it out, through our gable vent, outside.

The holes in his closet were cut to give access to the ducts that supply hot and cool air so Hubby can install vents in our upstairs bath to heat and cool it. Right now, the only way to do that is to leave the bathroom door open. We don’t have an exahust fan in that bathroom either, but as we have plans for an upstairs reno that includes the bathroom down the line, Hubby plans to leave that to the professionals.

While I’m glad all of this is getting done, I really, really hope I come home to a nice, smooth ceiling tonight!