When I got home from work yesterday, I had a suprise waiting for me in my mailbox:

DSC03929A letter! From Tanazania! From my sweet sponsered child, Janeth. She didn’t write the letter herself (she’s only 6!), but I really enjoyed learning more about her. Her mother works as a tailor, and she wants to know if women here in the US work as tailors like her mother.


An added bonus? These cute pictures she sent! I’m pretty sure she wrote this letter before recieving one of mine, because I sent my first letter at the begining of the month, so I’m extra excited to recieve some more personal things.

DSC03932My favorite picture was of a pink and blue pineapple. Too cute.

But the icing on the cake was a photo of Janeth and her two brothers.

DSC03933Compassion tells you to expect about, at mininum, three letters a year and an updated photo every two years. I am BEYOND thrilled to have another photo of these sweet face!