So the highlight of my weekend was definitely having some FABULOUS friends come over to help find my engagement ring. It was found before we even started lunch! But, Hubby and I still had fun doing a few other things over the weekend as well.


We went camping! Hubby and I enjoy car camping, which doesn’t involve having to carry all of our own gear, but can just pull it out of the car as we need, which really suits us. I need more padding than just hard ground to sleep on!But still, all of my personal things fit in that tiny bag; can you believe it!?


I love to make the fire when we camp. Hubby is the tent man, and I am the fire queen!


Normally, dinner fare is a baked potato (pre-cooked in the microwave before we left) and chicken, also cooked before we left. All I had to do, once the fire got started, was put my tin-foil wrapped food to heat.


And of course, you can’t camp and not make smores! They probably teach you that in boy scouts, along with “always be prepared.”


The next day, we headed a few more miles down the road to a place called Mabry Mill, a mill built in 1914 that has been restored. It was pretty interesting; we learned about spinning wool, which would have taken forever. I can’t believe all the effort people would have to go through to make things. From shearing the sheep, to carding wool, spinning the wool, weaving the wool, and then, finally, cutting and sewing whatever item you needed.


We also got to see the mill in action, grinding up some corn. This is not a very fine grind, and probably would have been used for feeding animals. I think.

DSC03904It was a nice walk throughout all the outbuildings, complete with out plowing tools! The Wonder Puppy did NOT like being treated like a working animal though.

DSC03910I also enjoyed seeing my very first still! Of course, its not working anymore, and it will probably be the last still I see, but it was still neat to see what these things actually looked like.

DSC03912We finished off our wilderness trek with a great lunch at the on sight restaurant that uses fresh ground corn meal, grits and flours. I had eggs, grits and biscuits, and Hubby had a cornmeal pancake, buttermilk pancake and sweet potato pancake. Yum!