As of about 1:30 this afternoon, my engagement ring has been reuinted with my hand, and my wedding ring!

DSC03915One of my friends found it in my resuable shopping bags — which I had already checked! In fact, I took one with me to hold our food when we went camping this weekend! I am SHOCKED to have it back, but I’m soo excited!

It was super sweet when she found it — she slipped it into her pocket and took it to Hubby, who presented it to me (on one knee) as I was finishing up lunch. So, instead of a work-day, we had a celebration!

Tomorrow I plan to get my rings resized, and Tuesday Hubby will call our insurance company to get a floater to cover any costs of replacing my rings, should I loose one again. A little extra money will certaintly pay off for peace of mind!