I have’t been around much lately, mostly thanks to the not-so-great week I’m having. To sum up:

I have poison ivy. I got it on my left hand pulling one piece out of the yard.

It didn’t bother me for a week. Now, it has spread to my right hand, back, and face. I look like I have some horrible acne breakout. Oh, and I ich.

My aunt has breast cancer and had both breasts removed this week. My uncle is staying with her while she’s in the hospital, and their 4 children are being watching by their 81 year old housekeeper. I think the prognossis is good, but I’m not sure and I’m worried.

I lost my engagement ring last night.

I think I had it when I came home from the grocery store.

I can’t find it around the sofa where I was reading, and it wasn’t stuck in the clothes I was wearing that day but exchanged for pjs.

Hubby checked the drain of the sink, but it wasn’t there. Now, we can’t get the pipes to tighten all the way, so the sink leaks something aweful.

We can’t use our bathroom sink. I’ve been brushing my teeth over the bathtub.

I think my ring may have gone down the toliet.


If I’m not around, I’m wallowing in self-pity and looking for my ring.