Just down the road from me is a wonderful salvage shop called Black Dog Salvage. The owners find and restore old architectural and hardware elements. Not too long ago, they added a few “stalls” that sell new items, like Dash and Albert rugs. I’ve seen articles about them in Architectural Digest, and Doug Wilson even used them in an episode in “Moving Up.” That means that, generally most of their things are out of my price range, but I still love to go and look!



They currently have a lot of great stained glass pieces, including a really grand set of doors, from an old church.

DSC03865I also saw these great, and heavy, planters. I think these would look great by my front door, or on my deck,.

DSC03869In one of the art “stalls” you could see a stained glass piece in the making.

DSC03870Not really a fan of the giant ball, but I thought this coffee table was awesome. I wish I could take it home, but I think its A.) too big, and B.) not kid friendly for when Hubby and I have little ones.

DSC03873This gorgeous, fully restored mantle was very much out of my price range.

But this full-of-potential single canopy bed wasn’t! Too bad I couldn’t convince Hubby into making the purchase.

DSC03876The have varied, and smaller collections of non-restored salvage items too, like these cast iron claw feet. They also have windows, tin ceiling tiles, doors, door knobs, and drawer pulls.

DSC03878I really loved the look of this farm-style table. My current, much newer dining room table, has very similar lines, so I’m wondering if I can re-create this look.

DSC03879Check out all the salvaged iron pieces outside!

For me, a trip to Black Dog is full of inspiration, but I always end up dreaming of using some of the pieces when Hubby and I are able to build our own home.