Okay, if you’re reading this, I’m assuming you watch last night’s episode, so no real recap here, just the things that stood out to me in particular.

 We finally get to meet Jacob, who has been around since before the Black Rock crashed. He also had a friend with him then, who seemed to want to keep people in general away from the island, while Jacob seemed to welcome their presence, chalking it up to “progress.”  This is interesting, because I always had the impression Jacob wanted the island protected, hence why Ben had to move the island to get away from Widmore.

 Jacob also played some role in each of the O6’s lives. In the case of Sawyer and Kate, Jacob visited them when they were young. He congratulated Jin and Sun at their wedding, asked Sayid a question right before Nadia was hit with a car, hung around when Jack argued with his dad, and convinced Hurley to get on Ajira flight 316. I think its particularly interesting to see that in the case of some of the O6, Jacob helped direct the course of their lives, in Sawyer’s case, fuelling his anger at the con-man who killed his parents. In the case of other’s, Sayid and Hurley, he sets in motion a course of actions that ultimately lead them back to the island.

 Sawyer, Juliet and Kate leave the sub to stop Jack from detonating Jughead and run into Rose and Bernard. Yay! They’ve been living in a cabin in the woods that they either found and decided to use and was first Jacob’s cabin or that they built and Jacob used later. Illana’s comment that “someone else has been using it,” seems to indicate the first option.

 Miles suggests that perhaps the bomb is actually what triggered the incident releasing the magnetic energy, but no one seems to go along with this idea. I think it’s a pretty good one though. The running theory for Jack is that he should detonate the bomb and cause their plane never to have crashed because “what happened what meant to happen.” This in itself doesn’t seem to make much sense to me, as what did happen was the plane crash. So, is what is meant to happen what has already happened or something else entirely? If its something else, then how do you determine what was supposed to happen? I don’t quite follow Jack’s logic.

 We learn that Locke’s body was in Illana’s box, which I called about a quarter of the way into the show. Yay me! I don’t quite understand how Jacob’s friend is Locke or what this “loophole” is. I think it has something to do with the smoke monster, but I can’t quite figure what. We know Alex is dead, but we saw her physically interacting with Ben. But, how can there be two Lockes? I get it if Jacob’s friend is inhabiting Locke’s body, but I’m not sure I get how there is the dead body of John Locke and the walking around, looking like John Locke but not John Locke.

 Evidently “the one who will save from us all,” lies beneath the shadow of the statue. Okay, that’s somewhat helpful, but we don’t know who that person is! Is it Jacob, who technically lives in the statue, his friend or someone else?

 Okay, here’s a crazy theory for you: In one of the early episodes, I think Pilot Part Two, Locke is teaching Walt about Backgammon. He holds up a black and white piece, one in each hand, and says, “there are two sides; one light, and one dark.” This is also reiterated in the recap before the next episode, so I feel like its important some how. It does explain the different colored Dharma uniforms, the two different colors Jacob and his friend were wearing, etc. But, if there are only two sides, where do Ilana and her people fit in? But what does that mean? Does dark = bad and light = good? That would be far too simple I think. But here are some things to consider. Jack was wearing a light Dharma uniform, Sayid and Richard both usually wear dark-colored things, Locke and Juliet usually both wear lighter colors. We almost always have seen Faraday in his white shirt and tie, but when he returned to the island from Ann Arbor, he was wearing one of the dark Dharma uniforms. Does it have something to do with your philosophy on the island? If you want to use the island as a means to your own end, you wear dark. If you respect the island and want what’s best for it, than you wear light. I see the imagery, but have no idea what it means! Also, we see Locke wore white more before he died, but his reincarnated self wears dark colors, possibly indicating his *minor* personality switch. Any ideas on this? Is this viable or am completely off my rocker?

 It is KILLING me that I don’t know if Juliet is alive or dead! I really liked her a lot this season, and I like Sawyer in love with her even more. Its just too terrible that I have to wait a whole year to find out what happened to them! If their destinies are revealed though, I have a feeling we all end up back on the island somehow.

Great Quotes of the Night:

“There we’re flaming arrows raining down all around us. Oh sure, we heard you.” – Bernard

“Because we’re retired.” – Rose

“It’s always something with you people.” – Rose

“You traveled back in time so you can shoot people?” – Rose

“So we’re going to die. We just care about being together.” – Bernard

“Well, that’s a wonderful foot Richard.” – Locke

“I don’t speak destiny.” — Sawyer

EDITED TO ADD: I just had a thought about why certain O6ers were transported to 1977 and other’s weren’t. Those who were able to recreate or stand-in for some aspect of the previous flight were sent to 1977. For example, Hurley had Charlie’s guitar, Kate is mothering Aaron, standing in for Claire. Sayid was a prisioner, taking on Kate’s orginial crash role. Jack is still in his original crash role, transporting a deceased friend. Sun is left in the present because she’s not traveling with Jin, and because she wants to be on the flight, where as on her orginial flight, she didn’t really want to be there. Frank wasn’t a member of the Oceanic flight, so he wouldn’t have been transported, and the same goes for Ben.