Until the end of the year, particuarly this summer, Hubby and I have a LOT going on. Here are the ten things I’m looking forward to the most:

1. Going camping!

2. Watching Lindy and Carl get married next month!

3. Finishing the Senior video I’m working on for work.

4. Watching Becky and Matt get married in July!

5. Hopefully seeing my old friend Joanna while at home for Becky and Matt’s wedding.

6. Going to summer camp with the youth. This will be a TON of work, but I think there may be a little fun invovled too!

7. Taking an anniversary trip with Hubby to somewhere I’ve always wanted to go — Tennessee!

8. Throwing Beth a bachelorette party!

9. Watching Beth and Elliott get married and being part of the day. I sooo cannot wait for this!

10. The mind-bending season finale of LOST tomorrow night!


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