Last weekend, my dad and I both celebrated our birthdays! I live a fair distance from all of my family, so it was a real treat to have my parents and grandparents come visit Hubby and I so we could all celebrate together.


The best part? My mom brought her fabulous lasagna and oft coveted “Cake.” My mom makes this cake twice a year; once for mine and my dad’s birthdays and once for my brother’s birthday. Its a simple yellow box-cake for the actual cake part, but the icing is some chocolate, cooked on the stove, fudgey icing. Love on a cake is what it is.


For the most part though, the birthday celebrations were low-key. Mostly we spent time as a family, showed my grandparents around my new hometown, and made a trip to one of the coolest salvage stores I’ve been to (more to come on that!).

As for the gifts? My grandmother brought me two hosta, an azalea rhodedenrum, two flowering plants for my pot by the front door and some money. My parents brought me CAKE and some money. Hubby got me the flowers you see by my grandmother’s head, some M&M’s (yum!) and a new TV.


We bought a 32-inch Vizio flat-screen from Wal-Mart. Nothing particuarly cutting edge, but much better and bigger than what we had. Wal-Mart had the best price by far (we checked all the electronics stores in our area before buying), and as I watch Lost each Wednesday night, I consider it money very well spent.