lost-season-5-episode-8-s05e08Jack and Kate find themselves at odds over the direction to take to save their fellow island survivors, Locke further solidifies his stance as leader of “The Others,” and Sawyer and Juliet come under scrutiny from the DHARMA Initiative.

What We Learned:

  • Sawyer has decided he and Juliet should leave the island and live together in 1977. Sawyer draws Radzinsky a map showing exactly where the hostiles are in exchange for a ride off the island. Too bad it doesn’t look like it will last.
  • According to Radzinsky, Horace is no longer in charge of Dharma.
  • Sawyer really does still love Juliet! When Radzinsky was trying to get Sawyer to talk, Phil hits Juliet instead, which seriously upset Sawyer. Later, in the sub, Sawyer tells Juliet he loves her!!! But then Kate ruins my happy party by showing up.
  • Evidently, you can’t just run off into the woods and find Jacob on demand. Or so say Ben and Richard.
  • Locke is working to make sure everything happens like it already has, sending Richard to see the past version of himself at the Nigerian’s plane. It seems to me that Locke is working for the opposite of what Faraday wanted. Faraday wanted to stop everything from happening, and Locke seems to be trying to ensure that it does happen.
  • Locke gets the Others to follow him on a journey to see Jacob. He’s really solidifying his leadership and taking charge in a way neither Richard or Ben have seen before.
  • Richard “suddenly thinks John Locke is going to be trouble.” Ben tells him “that’s why I tried to kill him.”
  • Sayid is back! And he shot one of the Other’s who was going to shoot Kate.
  • Jack wants to try to blow up Jughead. Kate think’s he’s crazy because if their plane never crashed, they never would have met. Oh, and plus Jack might fail and kill everyone.
  • Jughead is located in the tunnels in Smokey’s temple. Hmm…does the temple have anything to do with Smokey’s presence?
  • Locke is not interested in being reunited with his people, aka the O6, he wants to kill Jacob. Which, um, would be kind of hard if Jacob is Christian and is already dead.large_lost-follow-the-leader

What I Still Want to Know

  • Is Richard in cahoots with Ben? I’ve always kind of trusted him. Has my trust been misplaced!? Geeze! I mis trust just about EVERYONE on this show, and the one person I think is semi-okay is NOT!? I hope not. Is Richard Jacob and has just been duping everyone for years?
  • Did Richard really see all of the 1977 O6 die? I hope not!
  • Why did Locke lie to Sun about his motives on the island? Of course, there’s a chance he didn’t and that finding Jin is secondary to his new “purpose” of killing Jacob.
  • How are Sawyer, Juliet and Kate get back to the island?
  • Will we ever see the young Faraday on the island?

What was Fun:

  • The look of exasperation on Kate’s face when Jack told Ellie he came with Faraday was priceless.
  • “I’m eager” – Locke
  • “Wouldn’t think of it Nemo.” – Sawyer
  • Ouch. That sub looked waaaay animated! Lost, I expected better!
  • Watching the first part of the pilot episode before tonight’s episode! I kept wondering if maybe Jack ended up in the jungle after he failed to blow Jughead successfully. But that’s probably far-fetched. But it was fun to see everyone interact for the first time! But one thing I thought was interesting was that Jack kept running around trying to save the people who later become very important: Claire, Rose, Charlie. Do they become important because Jack saved them, or are they important, and that’s why Jack saved them?

I can’t believe there’s only one more episode this season!