wfmwbannerkristenThis week’s Works For Me Wednesday is themed! Everyone is posting their very best thrifty ideas. I have to say, I’m not normally the most thrifty person, my normal philosophy is to save, save and save for the more expensive item I want. But, where I do try to be thrifty and save money is in food.

One of my favorite ways to save money on food (besides using coupons and buying what’s one sale), is to buy a whole, cut up chicken. This usually costs me about $9 or $10. Then, I boil it along with some ends of celery, carrot peelings and a few pieces of onion. Not only do I end up with great tasting cooked chicken, I also get a good bit of tasty chicken stock to use in other meals.

This does require some extra work — I trim off as much skin as I can before cooking and have to let the chicken cool before removing the meat from the bones, for me, its well worth the extra effort!

My $9 of meat will make me three casseroles. One casserole will feed Hubby and I for about 3 or 4 days. That’s over a week of meals y’all! This is also great if you’re making a meal to take to friends too!

Saving money on meat really works for me! To learn how others save money, check out We are THAT Family!