I know I’ve mentioned before how much I LOVE my aerobics classes, but I love them so very much, I just need to keep harping on it. Here are ten reasons I love my wonderful, amazing, fabulous aerobics program:

1. Our fabulous and fearless instructor, Irenemarie! That lady is in INCREDIBLE shape!

2. No class is ever the same. I count this as a miracle in and of itself. We may have some of the same elements in classes, but no class is ever exactly the same, EVER.

3. Its held in our church, which is where I work. It couldn’t be easier for me to change and head over after work — no need for extra gas money!

4. Since first coming to these classes, I’ve lost 7 pounds!

5. The group atmosphere — its so encouraging to know you aren’ts the only one who feels like they might die doing all those planks!

6. Kick boxing! I adore kick boxing, and I’m hoping it will greatly improve my Wii Boxing skills!

7. The Biblical focus of almost everything we do.

8. Its affordable! For personal instruction and equipment use, I pay only $8 more a month than the cheapest local gym that doesn’t offer classes. Other area gyms that offer classes charge more for a monthly membership.

9. Did I mention I’ve lost 7 pounds?

10. I’ve gotten in the best shape I’ve ever been in, taking a hour long class four times a week. Oh, and I’ve seriously toned up my hips, butt and thighs. That in and of itself is enough to make me fall in love.