1. Touch up trim in living room. FAILED.

2. Hike or camp with Hubby and Glacier. FAILED.

3. Set a date for Beth’s wedding shower. Semi-Success! We had a date set, but then it didn’t work with my work schedule. Bummer.

4. Work out 5 times a week. Again, Semi-Success! I kept track of when I went, and I was a smidge over half-way there this month.

5. Read “The Amber Spyglass,” “A Monsterous Regiment of Women,” “Eldest,” and “By Reason of Insanity” (bookclub). SUCCESS! I also read “A Letter of Mary,” “Shepherds Abiding,” “And Only to Deceive,” “The Kingmaking,” and “The Shape of Mercy.” Total number of pages read this month? Just over 4,000! 

6. Break-in our new grill! SUCCESS!! We cooked some tasty cheeseburgers!

7. Fertilize and seed our yard. SUCCESS! Even though Hubby did this one, it still got done!

8. Liberate front bushes from ivy. SUCCESS!

9. Complete my Apple’s of Gold lessons by Wednesday. SUCCESS!

Batting at .780 for the month of April! I thought this wasn’t going to be one of my better months, but with two half-completed goals, I did better than I thought! Although, I’m dissapointed that “Touch up trim” has been on every one of my goal lists SINCE JANUARY and has yet to be accomplished. NOT GOOD!