lost-season-5-episode-8-s05e08On the 100th episode milestone for the series, the time of reckoning has begun when Daniel Faraday comes clean regarding what he knows about the island.

What We Learned:

  • Penny really isn’t dead. Yay! And Desmond ended up being okay too! But I’m worried about little Charlie. Penny just left him with some nurse. Never, never a good idea when you’re a character on Lost.
  • Sawyer’s been keeping Phil in his closet. He’s gagged and everything; poor Phil.
  • Daniel’s book of calculations was a graduation gift from his mother. Probably has nothing to do with anything, but still interesting!
  • Remember the first episode of the season where we saw Daniel with Dr. Chang? We finally learn what Daniel was doing down there – trying to convince Dr. Chang to order an evacuation of the island to protect them from the release of energy at the Swan.
  • Daniel tested his mind-time-travel device on himself before using it on his girlfriend, Teresa. I think this was an important revelation about Daniel’s character — its good to know he didn’t test that on her without having substantial evidence to think it wouldn’t be harmful.
  • Something Daniel did caused him to loose his memory. Was it the mind-time-travel device? Was it linked to guilt over Teresa? We don’t know, but it explains why he wrote that Desmond would be his constant, and why he keeps soo many notes.
  • Daniel is Widmore’s son! 100 points to all of us who suspected he was!
  • Anyone can die on the island. This is because while for the Losties it seems they are living in the past, they are still in their present. If they die in the past, it won’t actually affect what happens to them in, say, 2000, since their 2000-selves haven’t been to 1977.
  • The Variable referrs to people, who are the variable in time travel and altering time. So its possible that the Losties could change the future, or the past, or something. Or at least that’s what Daniel says.
  • Eloise Hawking shoots Faraday. Faraday says, “you knew. You always knew. You knew this was going to happen. You sent me here anyway.” I’m banking on him really being dead, since Eloise seemed upset when Widmore talked about sacrifice, saying “I sent my son back, knowing full well…” and it looks like next episode will feature Jack and Kate trying to pick up where Faraday left off. Surprisingly, I’m not that upset about Faraday’s death. He was never one of my favorite characters.

What I STILL Want to Know:

  • Will Jack and Kate be able to detonate the bomb and save their flight from ever crashing? If they do manage to stop the event that started the chain of events leading up to their crash, doesn’t that mean that they’ll never get back to 1977 to detonate the bomb in the first place? If 1977 is their post-2004 present, then don’t they have to reach the orginial point in 2004 that sent them back to 1977 in order to detonate the bomb? Yikes. Also, if they do detonate the bomb, does that mean they are forever stuck in 1977? Will they be forced to live out their lives in the 70’s with no hope of returning to their 2000 lives?
  • Will poor baby Charlie be abducted? Probably not, but I worry about the kids on this show!
  • If Sawyer, Juliet, Hurley, Miles and Jin are going back to the beach, will they meet up with Rose, Bernard and all the other crash victims?
  • What are Locke, Ben and Sun up to? will they run into Illana’s group?
  • Are we going to find out “what lies beneath the shadow of the statue” THIS season? I think not, but gosh darn it do I want to!
  • Whare are the ramifications of Ms. Hawking saying she can’t see what’s going to happen in the future? If the island gives her her special gift, than does that me something fundamental about the island has changed? Is the island taking away her gift? What is up with that?

Best Lines of the Night:
“I belonged here just fine until you came back, doc.” – Sawyer to Jack
“Whatever her reason is, helping H.G. Wells here find his mommy isn’t it.” – Sawyer
“Welcome to the meeting, twitchy.” – Sawyer to Faraday