top-ten-tuesdayI love my job. I really, really love my job. For those of you who don’t know, I work as the administrative assistant to the youth pastor at my church. Basically, I help plan events, talk to parents, keep our attendance records, create *almost* all of our print media, and collect money! Even though I do love my job, it seems that mostly when I write about it, or even talk to Hubby about it, I have something negative to say about it. Hmmm….venting much? So, in the spirit of loving my job and wanting to share love with you, here are (in order this time!) the top ten reasons I love my job:

10. I have a job, and it comes with fairly good job security. I’m pretty certain our youth pastor(s) will need an assistant for a loooong time!

9. The work changes day to day; every day is different and I feel like I’m almost always doing something new!

8. I’m not working retail, which means I get to sit down! I was not a fan of standing, in heels, for 8 hours a day on a concrete floor.

7. Making new publication layouts and designs! One of my favorite things to do is make new brochures, postcards and posters. Graphics are soo much fun, and you can really get creative with youth!

6. I get to go to summer camp!

5. Free food! Every Wednesday I get a free dinner. Also, the college kids frequently forget to pick up their donut holes Sunday, which means donut holes for the staff on Monday! Plus, we have some really wonderful cooks in our congregation who bring in homemade goodies from time to time.

4. Flexibility. Need to go to the doctor? Your dog freaks out because her leg is sore and you have to take her to the vet? That’s cool, just make note of the time you owe, and make it up as you are extra-busy.

3. Getting to know youth and hearing them say, “We really can’t understand how the coolest person in the pageant ended up being lame!” (I played the lame woman in our Christmas Pageant). Knowing that some of the youth feel comfortable enough to come to you with problems, and have the confidence that you will care about them and try to help.

2. Seeing new youth join our class, and (even better) seeing new youth come to know Christ and be baptized!

1. The ladies I work with! Each one of them is wonderfuly sweet, helpful and supportive. You just can’t beat that kind of work enviroment!